What is an Anti-fog Windshiled Treatment, and who is Stoner?

Stoner Anti-Fog -

What is an Anti-fog Windshiled Treatment, and who is Stoner?

Invisible Glass Anit-Fog Windshield Treatment

Humid climates can cause windows and mirrors to fog up without warning. When driving in moisture-heavy air, car windshields and mirrors instantly become foggy. You can eliminate the fog with your air conditioner and defrost controls, but that takes time, and can temporarily impair your visibility of the road ahead. Stoner Invisible Glass Anti-Fog Glass Treatment stops fogging before it starts.

Stoner Invisible Glass Anti-Fog Glass Treatment is the solution a common problem that plagues most drivers – fogging of the windshield, windows, and mirrors. Stoner Invisible Glass Anti-Fog Glass Treatment imparts an anti-fog coating that eliminates fogging before it starts, leaving your windshield crystal clear. Stoner Invisible Glass Anti-Fog Glass Treatment improves visibility for safer driving.


About Stoner

Meet Team Stoner

60 Years of Innovation

Located near Quarryville in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Stoner manufactures specialized cleaners, lubricants, and coatings for both business-to-business and consumer applications.

Founded 60 years ago by Paul Stoner (inset photo), the company has enjoyed a history of innovation and accomplishment, often against difficult odds. Paul Stoner, although orphaned as a child during the depression, persevered to earn a degree in chemistry and eventually start his own company in the 1940's.

Stoner's Specialty Lubricants

Today, pursuing a mission to help customers "save time, increase productivity, and improve the quality of their work". Stoner formulates more than 300 solutions that are packaged in aerosol cans and larger bulk-liquid containers. For example, Stoner is the largest supplier of anti-stick release agents for the plastic molding industry.

Stoner specialty lubricants are used to manufacture military fighter jet engines, submarine components, and parts for the NASA space shuttle.

Stoner electronic cleaners help maintain telecommunications equipment, computers, office equipment, and money handling machines.

Invisible Glass: Stoner's Aerosol Glass Cleaner Stoner's Headquarters is located near Quarryville in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Professional auto detailers, collectors, and enthusiasts use Stoner car care products to clean, shine, and protect their favorite vehicles, from Fords to Ferraris. Several of these, including a no-streak glass cleaner called Invisible Glass, have recently gained national distribution through retail auto parts stores as well as the internet. Go to www.invisibleglass.com to learn more.

Serving more than 6,000 manufacturers, service businesses, government agencies, and universities, Stoner supplies products across the United States and internationally through distributors as well as factory-direct.

All products originate from the company's world headquarters, a single location in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania's Amish country. "Although we ship products worldwide, our goal is to be geographically invisible to our customers", says Traffic Director, Roy Peters.

Stoner's facility includes corporate offices, a research and development laboratory, manufacturing lines, warehousing, and shipping operations.


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