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Clean Freak Dad (Rock)

Growing up, almost every weekend, when it was nice out (and no snow), my dad would ask me to go fill up the bucket and meet him outside. And then it started: the "how to wash a car" class. To this day, when I wash my car, I can still hear him say I missed a spot lol.

His car is always clean, he even keeps a swifer handy in the car to wipe and specks of dust that would dare apears on the dashboard. Oh, and I known this because my sister when to cisit my parents this weekend and sent me a text informing me of rhis with the hastag #cleanfreak.

 My parents rents a car when they come visit me and my husband (I moved from NB to Florida) and no joke, he returns that car cleaner then when they first got it.

So yes, my dad will actually go to a car wash to clean the rental car once a week. 

He is the most clean freak person I know when it comes to cars! But he is also an awesome father and I could not ask for a more supporting dad. 


His name is Rock and he is obsessed with cleaning his car (and rental car!)


I know he'll love this subscription box!




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